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Character convertion in FCK Editor
19.6.2009 22:55:21 - Filed under : Asp.net
Question :
When I write "ü" character (ASCII 252 code), FCEditor convert this character to "ü". How do I stop this?

Answer :
Do these changes step by step

1. \FCKEditor\fckconfig.js:
   FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities = false ;

2. \FCKEditor\editor\source\internals\fckxhtmlentities.js:
   Change the content of "FCKConfig.IncludeLatinEntities" variable. Or delete related character line.

3. Very important: After change, clear the browser cache. And use Ctrl+F5 to refresh page.

Keywords : FCKEditor, asp.net, FredCK.FCKeditorV2.dll
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