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Inherit the parent's HttpHandlers and HttpModules
15.10.2008 23:01:00 - Filed under : Asp.net
IIS virtual directories inherit the parent's HttpHandlers and HttpModules. Basically copying the dlls into the virtual directory is solve problem.

If there is no httpModules in virtual directory then you have another option.

<clear />

That's a feature, not a bug! All the configs are nested from machine.config -> root web.config -> virtual web.config -> folder web.config.

Since configuration settings are inheritable, the child directories inherit configuration settings of the parent directory. As a consequence, child directories might inherit some unwanted HTTP modules as part of the parent configuration; therefore, we need a way to remove those unwanted modules. We can use the <remove> node for this.

If we want to remove all of the inherited HTTP modules from our application, we can use the <clear/> node.

The following is a generic example of adding an HTTP module:
    <add type="classname, assemblyname" name="modulename"  />
The following is a generic example of removing an HTTP module from your application.
    <remove name="modulename"  />
Keywords : IIS, inherit, HttpHandlers and HttpModules, <remove>, <clear>
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