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Add your own (custom) prerequisite to "ClickOnce"
29.12.2006 14:48:41 - Filed under : Windows App.
Remember we can only add those prerequisite through “ClickOnce” which are by default in prerequisite list while publishing.
To add our own prerequisite you need to have boot strapper package. Once created boot strapper package then it will automatically included into prerequisite list.
To generate boot strapper can use “Bootstrapper Manifest Generator” tool. Follow the steps given below to add own boot strapper using “Bootstrapper Manifest Generator” tool.

  1. Download “Bootstrapper Manifest Generator" (http://www.davidguyer.us/bmg/publish.htm)
  2. Install “Bootstrapper Manifest Generator”.
  3. Open BMG (Bootstrapper Manifest Generator).
  4. Select File-New will see following screen.
  5. Select “Package Manifest” and click on OK.
  6. Type project name and click on “Add Installer File” icon at top left .
  7. Browse for file, you wish to add into prerequisite, as I added exe as prerequisite you can  choose as per your requirement. Set display name as "Test".
  8. Click on Ok you will see following screen.
  9. Type display name and click on “Build” icon top left.
  10. Your prerequisite is been created, can see in prerequisite list.
  11. All set select “Test” as prerequisite from above list and publish application.


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