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ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded
28.8.2006 09:37:21 - Filed under : Oracle
ExecuteNonQuery does not return any row, but it can open a cursor for an output parameter of a stored procedure if the output parameter is defined as a ref cursor. In this case, you should cast the OracleParameter into an OracleDataReader and call Close on the OracleDataReader when you're done with the cursor.The following bits of SQL should help you track down which cursors are causing the problem :
select user_name, status, osuser, machine, a.sql_text from v$session b, v$open_cursor a where a.sid = b.sid
So, this error means that somewhere cursors aren't being closed when opened. They will stay open until the database user is disconnected, which is probably why you're being forced to close the objects (reader).

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